I had to crop these photos very carefully as the third person did not want to be featured. I can assure you that shebreakshertoys is receiving some very nice attention from a gentleman friend.

I’m a massive voyeur, but I couldn’t let the boys be, I had to get involved a little. zaradurose kindly took most of the photos. We enjoyed the show. <3

This was so gooood. :3

Wah! Busy month!

I moved into a new house! My first time in a new town away from my family. Not alone though! Now I get to live with two really awesome queer ‘n kink friendly friends. :3

And it’s summer! Which means shiitloads of playtime! >:3

So, since she got a taste for fucking my ass, Ma’am has asked me to try ‘n keep myself nice ‘n ready and easily fuckable so she can do it even more! :D

So to that end, I bought myself a new little friend called Tristan. :3

He’s on the large side, (I’m a size queen. ._.) but sooooo comfortable to wear! :D




Ballgags make me wet. 

I’m not joking. ._.

Not really “the making of” because the ballgag wasn’t in at this point, but I was pretty pleased to find some photos of me taken around the same time! See the artist at work >:D





Making of! :D

Summore pics with the rubber gloves and hood. :3

I’ve had these in my drafts without posting them for weeks because I’m great at tumblr. ._.





I had a nice lazy morning in bed today!

Ma’am requested some pics. :3

You are excellent as hell at selfies, just sayin’

This reminds me that I was going to ask shebreakshertoys to post more selfies to Tumblr. Especially high res ones featuring over-the-knee socks, fancy tight pance, and play collars (separately or all at once).

This is wonderful news. :D

! !

Roger dodger!
Now to go requisition myself some socks… >:3

ltxrob said: One assumes you are not dog sitting for a rubber / leather puppy then?? ;-)

Sadly not!
Just two regular, hairy, doggy dogs.
Pup play would be SO much more fun. ._.


Dogsitting is lonely!
Pls send help. :’(

Anonymous said: You have amazing eyebrows. 10/10.

Thanks! >:D