ltxrob asked: One assumes you are not dog sitting for a rubber / leather puppy then?? ;-)

Sadly not!
Just two regular, hairy, doggy dogs.
Pup play would be SO much more fun. ._.


Dogsitting is lonely!
Pls send help. :’(

Anonymous asked: You have amazing eyebrows. 10/10.

Thanks! >:D

I got some new things to wear! :33

A black rubber hood with just a mouth opening, and some gloves to match!

Ma’am got to keep me as her helpless little pet for hours. <3

I had a nice lazy morning in bed today!

Ma’am requested some pics. :3


Sometimes when I’m somewhere that I don’t consider a safe space, especially public places, I get panicky about being around men.

Anyway, my partner is super awesome and lovely - it is really hard to tell him when I feel this way, not because he’s not understanding, but because it’s a really hard…

Boosting this. :3

Ma’am’s partner is a tip top feller, and stuff like this is why I respect him a whole bunch.

Anonymous asked: I found your blog today, and just have to say that I love it! I'm jealous of the relationship you have with your dome. Out of curiosity, do you guys ever have penetrative sex besides pegging, or are you more of an oral slave?

Hi! Thankyou! I’m glad you like the blog. :3

The answer is yes! We do piv sex sometimes!

A lot of our play and dynamic is based around Ma’am getting exactly what she wants while I go without, so piv stuff usually falls by the wayside and I  find myself using my fingers and tongue a lot more often! Which is fine by me because I love doing that. It’s so much fun! :3

When it comes to piv I often find it a little overwhelming at first. (especially if denial is in the mix, good god.) I’ll often need to come once before I can hang at all. ‘S just how it goes. :P

We’ve found lately though that being hooded really helps me to dissociate from the sensation a lot and just keep on fucking until Ma’am wants me to come (if she does at all. :3) I love the feeling of objectification this inspires too!  I might have mentioned before that hoods are great.

They’re great okay? ._.

teenboysoftbondage asked: Have you ever had a threesome with your actual Domme and another boy slave/master? Has your Domme ever orders to another man to fuck you?

I’ve had threesomes together with Ma’am and her partner before! He’s not interested in men though! We don’t play with each other. So Ma’am gets lots of attention when we do all play. :D

Playing with another boy is something that Ma’am and I discuss a lot. ._.

She really loves the idea of having two boys to do mean things to and boss around to fuck and play with each other for her amusement and I like this idea for obvious reasons. :3

She also really gets off on the idea of being a voyeur while I’m dominated and treated roughly by another guy, and I like this too! :O

I think I’ve mentioned in another ask how the idea of me being her property to lend out to other people really appeals to us both.

It’s not happened yet! But it’s definitely on the cards. :)

Anonymous asked: Hey there! Just wanted to say you're adorable and your mistress is lucky! I had two questions though - where did you get those super cute white cuffs? And does your Ma'am ever keep you in chastity?

Aw thankyou!

Ma’am says the cuffs came from a US based online store called Sub-Shop! But they’ve closed down since! D:

I think Aslan Leather do a similar style of cuff in white leather.

And yes! She does keep me in chastity sometimes. :3

She likes it for the control I think, and the fun of knowing that getting aroused causes me discomfort.

I’ve had an interest in chastity play for a loooong time, since before I met Ma’am. I’d played around with a CB-6000 quite a bit with a previous partner and really enjoyed the feeling of being in chastity, not being able to touch, but still getting that weird, constant pressure from the cage that keeps your attention focused on it. :O

I like it so much that I decided to invest in a MatureMetal Jailbird! Whiiich has actually been a mild disappointment for me sadly. It’s a beautifully made cage! But there’s a few factors that make it really hard for me to wear day to day and enjoy. (Prince Albert pinching eeeeee! D:)

I’d LOVE to be able to try some differently designed devices like those awesome exotically shaped Steelwerks Extreme things! They’re like works of art!

Or the big belts like the carrara and Tollyboy belts.

But sadly these all cost $$$ that I don’t have. D:

Chastity is expensive!



Asks incoming.

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